Witchitaw is a southern country rock band from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. They have recorded three full length albums in Nashville. The band released their latest, “The Ride” May 5th, 2018. The first single off their new album was actually released to Canadian Country Radio on February 1st 2018 ahead of the full album release. 30 plus radio stations across the nation programmed Witchitaw’s single “Posse”, including satellite giant, Sirius XM Canada. Their new album, “The Ride”, was recently nominated for “country recording of the year” at the Nova Scotia Music Awards.

Witchitaw released a follow up single called “Moonshine” July 1st 2018 to correspond with their performances at 2018 Cavendish Beach Music Festival in PEI. They also shot a video exclusively in Cavendish for Moonshine which was released in August 2018. The video featured clips from their performances on 4 different stages over 2 days, along with crowd interaction shots and back stage footage.

Over the past four years Witchitaw has performed numerous high profile events throughout Atlantic Canada. Highlights include performing at the 2014 East Coast Music Awards, 2014 / 2016 Nova Scotia Music Awards, 2015 Canadian Country Music Awards and the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in Prince Edward Island in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!



Good Time & Now (2022)

Bocephus [Single] (2022)

The Ride (2018)

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Tearin' It Up (2013)

Walk Like A King (2009)

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